Energy for Data Centres

Energy for Data Centres

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This course is for any individual that would like to become a NABERS Energy for Data Centres Assessor.

It contains three modules and three associated exams:

NABERS Assessor 101

Learn: The basic rules for collecting building data, get an overview of all our different rating tools and understand the procedures Assessors must follow when rating buildings. 

Metering and Consumption

Learn: How to read meters, follow single line diagrams and how to go about conducting a site visit. These are all prerequisite knowledge and skills required for your work as a NABERS Assessor.

Energy for Data Centres

Learn: How to conduct a Data Centre rating and how to carry out the three different types of Data Centre ratings including IT Equipment, Infrastructure and Whole Facility ratings.


This is a difficult course: Only 75% of people enrolling end up becoming NABERS for Data Centre Assessors.

Supervised rating: After passing all three exams, your first data centre rating application will be supervised. This is a key part of the NABERS training program. The cost of the supervision is included in your enrolment price. 

PC only: You will need to use a PC to complete the course and exam. Our offline rating program, NABERS Rate, does not work on MACs. 

Duration: We estimate these online modules could take up to 2 day to complete. You will have 30 days to submit the exam once it is opened.  

One on one session: Before opening the Data Centre exam, you have access to an optional one hour one-on-one meeting with a NABERS Trainer to answer any questions you may have. 

Access: Once enrolled, you'll have access to the course for a year.